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Tuesday, January 29, 2008 | |

"I think you should get married soon”. Slowly I freed my foot from excelator of car and I looked at him. Yeah, my dad was pretty serious about the line.” Soon after your sis marriage, may be early next year??"

Yeah, A long drive and In conversation with my Dad. He has been great support and great friend of mine.For me Strangled relationship of mine changed a perception towards 'marriage' very badly. Somehow it affected the people who are very close to me.
Me: "So, you want me to go for an arranged marriage?? " I know the answer, but still.

Dad: "Yes. Obviously”, word obvious was pretty hard to digest.

Me: "I think, marriage needs love too and I'm not lucky"

Dad: "Film dialogue?? stop watching movies!!" My sis sitting in back seat, we burst into a big laugh

Me: "No poppa, I have got a different view about it. I was excited about marriage, but now I don’t think I will ever.. No one is trustworthy"

Dad: "How can you say that?"

Me: "Come on! Now everything has changed. Today statistics talks, not the relationship. Last week one of the magazines showing the count of broken marriages, extra-marital affairs, wife meeting her boyfriend, husband meeting his girlfriend, office love stories.. Uff.. Everything has been changed. Everything is treated like a face tissue"

Dad: "I agree, but you can’t live alone"

Me: “I know, but I will get used to it"

Sister: "Be practical" (She teaches psychiatry in college, and this one is pretty much expected from her)

Me: "Yeah. .practically we are very much ahead. Girl thinks, Guy whom she is going to marry had already enjoyed premarital sex and why shouldn't I? Even guy thinks in the same way. Marriage has become of too much of compromising. No trust."

Dad: "Ok.. kinda understood. I think you need some more time. Past is not a life. Its just a history, may be 'her'story. So, better you beat it back. "

Me: "I Guess so"

I wrote this down here, because time is looking at me and one fine day my perception may change with time. That day I would love to look at this long drive conversation and feel that wonderful time. A conversation which opened up many views, emotions towards each other and this moment will remain in my heart. Thanks Poppa(Dad)!



d SINNER!!! said...


dad was right...i'll put it this ways...'her' story wud soon be History!

Smile plz!

ManojVasanth said...


Thanks Neha...:)

eeeeeeeeeee :D (Full Smile)hehe

equilibrium said...

*No comments* especially after what happened a few minutes back!

Kenneth said...

:D you know i had a somewhat similar talk... me and my sis that is prodding parents about certain things..!!! totally fun!!

ManojVasanth said...


Very True.. As we grow, we love to be more open with parents :)

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