A Visit Down to History

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From last 15 years, ever since we moved from Dharmasthala to near by Belthangady(Taluk HQ) to our new house, I have been visiting this temple once in a month, whenever I go home. Temples are more than a place for Gods. Its a place of peacefulness. I love temples which are spared from huge crowd. Fortunately the temple which I'm going to mention is also the one. But, Let me tell you, unfortunately this temple, which holds more than 600 year old history and yet pretermitted by historians, organization and also the people.

This temple situates just 5Km away from Belthangady. Belongs to a small village called Laila.It is a base of Jamalabad fort. This temple of Goddess Durga has said to be built in the time of Veera Ballala III.The Last Great King of Hoysala Empire.It was the beginning of Vijayanagara Empire and the architecture used to built this temple also shows Hoysala architecture.One of the stone scriptures in temple reads that, temple had once owned more than 400 acres of land. It’s like almost a village.

In the year 1996 ,after HD Devegowda sworn in as Prime Minister of India, somebody chose this particular place for 'The Maha Chandi Homa'.Hundred thousands of devotees witnessed this particular function. It was suppose to be a National News but today no history exists. Only the road which is made for this particular function almost 12years back tells you the story. The roads just as good as it was. This place is hardly known to outsiders and to a lesser extent known and visited by localities.

[View of Jamalabad Fort from Temple.Its almost 3KMs away from this place]

Temple is disintegrating with history today. Its in a village from where I have come. Belthangady Taluk is a place of highest number (81) of villages, Place of runs a risk trekking spots and water falls, witnessing an evergreen Western Ghats. If you get a time to visit this place, hope you visit this temple. It’s not a great spot, but I'm sure you can feel like a King who once stood in front of same Goddess and prayed for peace :)


Anonymous said...

Awsome post..Nice pics..!!
I visited the temple in Belur once.. It was built by the Hoyasala Kings and speaks of the orgin of the name "Hoyasala" and the temple architecture is really mind blowing.. Do visit it once, you're gonna love it :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing. I will try to visit sometime.

ManojVasanth said...

@ Ajan,

Sure..Thanks :)


Its a nice place..

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