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"What is that bothering you so much?". It was my father's voice which brought me back from my thoughts. What was I doing?. I was concentrating at UKG Kid's notebook while he was writing 'vase' in his beautiful hand writing. I had asked him what it means. He said a perfect answer and kept me wondering how intelligent the generation is this. When I looked at my father and before I could say, he said. “Even we used to think when you guys are growing up. How different is this generation from ours”.

I remember one of those seminars where the speaker had mentioned that, once in a every 20 years a new generation will born and a old one will be forgotten. I think that’s so true. I’m a part of one of that revolutionary generation. Eighties (80s). A Special one. You might ask why it is special. Starting from Adam and the Ants transition to punk rock era to the new wave era, It was early 80s a new class had born in India. We called it Middle-Class. A tough class with heck of dreams. Where elders planned for super future for their kids and Kids wanted fly on sky. This could be the last generation to hold last bit of India's history, Ethics and celebration. At least on their Mind.

Why these entire introduction? I was trying to compare knowledge of UKG kid and average kid like me once that was of same age. What he knows today, I learnt in my 5th grade. World has changed in last 20+ years and ready for new generation. One of the backward villages of our country is ready with English Medium schools, Engineering/Medical colleges and Kids who are competitive to face the world.

Over the years, the motto of education has been changed. Remember to ask today's kids after 20 years about their favorite teacher. I don’t think they would even remember. Gone are the days when teacher was an inspirational figure but just not someone who assigns home work every day. Someone who showed what our life would be once we go out of school. We were not prizefighters but called as flowers. They gave us a chance to learn the reality of life from basics we studied in school. When I say basics, it was not just physics, math but also the freedom and confidence to live the life we want to. Today the teaching profession has been changed. Profession has been restricted to text books and assignments.

When we were growing up, there was no LKG/UKG to begin with. I’m sure most of us started our education at home. It was our parents who began with telling stories. Yes! Stories. Something which fascinates me even today. My beloved grandma used to tell stories from Mahabharata and Ramayana. I know the importance of stories. It gives you a miraculous imagination power. Teachers helped to understand few topics saying sub stories related to it. It made studies more interesting. Even today, when I’m on my long drive with family/friends, I discuss stories. It starts from epics to real-life experiences. When I was kid such stories pushed me to read from papers which used to pack some groceries to novels. It indeed helped in shaping my own life.

What today's children missing is the reading ability. How many kids know who is king Parikshit? They are growing up with Computers, Xbox and TV. It’s not only in the case of children from city but from village too. My parents never asked me what I wanted to be when I was growing up. I remember saying them I want to be scientist. I also remember how my friends laughed at me in class 7 when I said that. It was in class 11th; I really started dreaming about career. Until then I enjoyed my life. School life was indeed a golden one. Smiles, Crushes, Play, Healthy competition and achievements. It was fun. I don’t think most of the students today have such luck. Preparation for IIM/IIT starts in LKG itself. I agree the world has changed and you should be on your toe. But, what’s the use when you don’t grow up as a sensible human being. What schools will achieve after producing someone who is selfish to society who hardly respects others. What’s the use of studying in IIM/IIT and having no common sense? What’s the use of driving luxurious cars and littering while parked in traffic?

Its not schools or colleges which make us human but, our own life. India is the only country which has gracious history. History is not to forget but to get inspired from it and learn from it. Someone’s experience is just not someone's experience; someday it may be ours too. Growing up with ethics makes more sense then useless knowledge we have.

Hey..Do remember few stories from history to tell your kids. Trust me, they will learn from it and love it. :)



Norma said...

Sorry i read ur website today and I am replying for every post because they are wonderful. But i certainly don't agree with the middle class concept which you have mentioned in this post.

Yes we have more dreams now and a sort of confidence has risen in Indians (don't know how much it will continue after CWG)But we are not different than Indians of 1950s.

A fact which my husband told me, in 1950 Britishers owned our land (paddy fields estate etc) we worked in their farms as slaves. Today the western countries are owning software firms in which we slog. There is no innovation or entrepreneurship from our side. Isn't that true?

Yes todays kids are learning a lot of things in 1st standard itself but they don't have thinking. We need more innovation, research to make ourself a self standing country. we are far away from it. Why Obama's policies worry us so much? First of all we have to learn to get rid of that 'chalta hey' attitude to be a better country.

Hope in our lifetime we will see a powerful India as in real powerful....

ManojVasanth said...

Hey Norma..

thanks so much for your views/commensts. I appreciate it.I completely agree with you about 'innovation' which we lack in our country. Myself, as a software engineer, I know how we working on someone elses design rather than our own like China. I agree!

You got any blogs or email contact?

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