Hamara Bajaj

Monday, October 8, 2007 | |

I have very fond memories with this ad. 18 years back, Watching Mahabarat in the neighboring house 14" B/W TV and when this ad telecasted in between for the first time, I was of 7 years old and trying to understand everything I touch and feel. Guess its the jingle used with and the pictures made myself glued to TV whenever this ad popped up.

Year later , My dad bought his first two wheeler and that is none other than Bajaj Chetak. Dark-green scooter was his pride for more than 15 years. Just like its color, It has been fresh till last year. He maintained it so well and as years are running on fast lane with life, brought drastic change in our life and lifestyle.But,later years it always reminded our own old middle class life.

It had been part of my first adventures jump from it when I was in class 4. Some neighboring elders who used to jump from running auto-rickshaw inspired me to take a chance while my sis n myself finishing our evening ride in our scoooter with dad. That jump dumped me in near by drainage ditch with little bruises on my right hand. Luckily Dad controlled himself and reached home with sis. Pathetically neglected me when I reached home with complete horror on my face had a blow. I still remember that belted scene. he he..

Bajaj has been major transport to our weekend visit grandma's place.Monsoon and travelling in scooter, wearing small raincoat which will have pocket full of water in every five minute due to rain and facing breeze of raw drizzling rain after sitting ahead of dad in that little seat specially arranged for me in our scooter is just amazing.

Its a vehicle which helped me to learn two-wheeler riding . When I fell from it for the first time and dent on it literally brought tears to my eyes.An emotional attachment towards it is just inexplicable. As the years went away, Bajaj is replaced by Bolero .Life style also changed with time. Today joke of Bajaj manufactured rocket engine brings smile on your face.But, I guess they brought revolution in 2 wheeler industry specially in the soul of then India , 'Middle Class Families'.

Today, that 'Class' has been absented from society as most of the families has atleast 1 person is working for MNC. Scooters are replaceed by either pluming motor bikes or cars. Anyway, life has changed but, emotions towards things which were part of our initial days bring back an innocent smile I guess.


MANASA said...


Stuti said...

remembered the old days........... Good one :)

Divya said...

I read it at last!! :) Great post. Keep 'em coming! :D

akanksha said...

Good old days...memories...:-)
Lovely post.Blogrolled ya :-)

manojvasanth said...


Thanks :)

matty said...

well dude...
you know what..
i am still hangging to my dad's bajaj!!
i sometimes think what the heck..
i should get a bike(though my mom n dad say a strict NO NO)..
but still...
it has always been there for me since my childhood....
nice memories..

manojvasanth said...


Very true!!! Childhood Memories are someting which nobody can ride on it.Innocent and cherished for ever

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