Kriti and her Confusion

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Friday Night and meant for long Night!!. Even if you are alone, some how you need to make it longer. Exciting thought of next days uninterrupted early morning sleep makes you to stay little longer in the night. After finishing my cookery class in my own kitchen and later finishing such a delicious dish (Come on, I prepared), I dumped my self in front of TV.

Was that a late night show?? Yeah!! Stupid channel was showing some stupid live show.So, I picked 'Beautiful Mind' DVD from rack and started watching it. Heavy food in my tummy started reacting now, so I decided to kiss my pillow :)

Thanks to fagging day and very soon I was unconscious.15 Minutes up, my phone started croaking and now I'm wide awake like graverobber. Badly annoyed I picked up the phone and it was showing “Kriti calling". Oh no!! 12.30 in the night and why the heck this gal is calling me??

Oh wait!! Who is Kriti?? hmm... Kriti is someone I know from quite sometime and I don’t exactly remember how we hooked up in this chain of stupid people of this world!!. Well, basically this gal is very nice with all those attitudes of any other normal gal. But, I always thought she is confused and indeed she is confused.

Note: Brackets are about our own unconscious mind and its thoughts

'Hi Manu, this is me'. (She was pretty excited! But sorry, not me)

'oh haaaay!!..Good morning..Early morning?? wasup'( I'm Best in my own PJ's)

'Oh stop it, please....well, how are you' (I felt an amazing variation in voice)

'Uff!! 'm good. thanks and How are you? Hope you are OK!!are u??( Tried my best to talk normal in snoring sleep)

'Yey!'m good, How was that pictures which I had sent in the morning? (Answer me...right now!!!)

'Well that was nice pics of Traditional Day Celebration, of course you were looking good in black saaree'(Out of ‘more’ words)

‘Thanks, Have you seen other two pics??One with a gal?? she is Deepa, she is a mallu...hey you didn’t ask anything about her..whhhhhhhhhy??(Its your crime!!)

'Well, What you expected me to ask..I mean, yeah she was looking pretty..Good...ok..let me ask you now..who is that guy in other Pic?? (Guess she was expecting this )

'Hey, he is Amit, Nice guy, Mera dost, team mate hai, bahut sweet hai, bahut cute...'( Now its my time to stop her)
'Hello, rokhiye....please...stop...and Whats happening???Dost Bole toh???Kuch zyaad hi close hai kya?? Kitna??How much??(Now 'm not sleepy)

'May be more I guess, I like him' ( she is happy)

'I said, well thats great..I mean..good...By the way..what is the age difference between you guys'(Inside me, Grandpa born)

'Hmm...7 months...but why??' ( how dare you?)

'Why???you like him and I think Gals always well balanced before they take decision; Hunt for well settled, matured guy I guess..' (Experience talks??? )

'Manu, I don’t know about this...I like him, he likes me...and of course we like each other ' (Okie, Ball is in your court)

'Well, Hmm.. So you are going out with him, right?? good...hmm..being in relationship is wonderful feel and again its hard to be in the flow of it..and..( She stopped me)

'Hello Mr.emotive, why are you so emotional about this? I said I like him, I dont know what next??Confused!!..let me see what happens over the days' ( Shall I cry??)

'Oh ok ok..relax..But be careful..dont be a heartbroken soul later. Hope you take some right decisions' (Leave me now..'m confused)

'Yup..Currently 'm enjoying it...let me live today..I'm not able to take decision for tomorrow..Will I find the same Amit tomorrow, will he be able to love me the way he does now?? I dont know Manu' (I think 'm torturing you)

'Kriti, well, Hope everything goes fine...Dontworry..Go and sleep...We will talk about it again. Good Night' ( Leave me now...I need strong cup of tea)

'Okkk...Thanks Manu.. Good night and sorry...'( Dont want to keep the phone down)
'Hey its fine Kriti..good night'( Last one is disconnected call tone )

Kriti is confused. How can I say that now?? Again, I don’t know the answer. Confusion words itself confuses. Every ones life itself is confused because, confusion itself talks about discontinuity. People, Love, Relationship, everything is discontinued at one point of time. Kriti needs everything but she is scared about its saturation point. But I think its life and we need to live it and this thought itself literally put me into deep sleep.('m Glad ...I had a nice sleep)


sudhi said...

Good :-) , Experience ......hmmmmm ?

manojvasanth said...


Chetta..He he..Not exactly!! Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

this conversations points a lot towards everything i know about you. *grins*

...its always that question, something nobody wants to stop and think before a relationship - do we have a future together?

either as teens we jump into the excitement of company or as adults into excitement of other possibilities we want to see.

what i always ask myself is, you think you can get over this?

cause like you said mannu, "discontinued" , it could be abrupt, mutual or maybe even a rude reality check.

once you have faced an abrupt /rude "disconnection", next time takes a lot of thought.

manojvasanth said...


"Crystal"!"Perfect"! It takes a lot, infact it scares you a lot for next time :)

Thanks Bunny..keep smiling :)

Stuti said...

Good ..... :) I think it reflects the RnD that you have done on the psychology of that girl :). Anyway, good observation and also expression :). Keep it up

manojvasanth said...

@ Stuti

RnD??? No way..I Dont think Im good in such jobs!!he eh..

Thanks :)

akanksha said...

Indeed Kirti is confused and i guess its not her fault.Its good u stood by her, even though u were sleepy...afterall thats wt frnds are for.Its good that u kept listening even though u had to pretend.

manojvasanth said...


AD, Thanks...I was just worried about her tomorrow.You just cant say you know..Broken heart hurts more than bruise happend year back when you are a Kid I guess!!

matty said...

really i was splits!!
same feeling bro..
all these girls are confused and they find us targets..
when they call you at an odd hour of the night to tell you "THIS"..
it's still ok for them..
but when we do something of this sort...
we are branded impolite and manner less!!
anyway good work!!
keep writing!!

manojvasanth said...


Ha ha..Right!!. Infact, now the relationships are like face tissues. 200 sheets per/pack. Pack khatam toh doosra!!

NEHA CHANDOK!!!!! said...

"Heavy food in my tummy started reacting now, so I decided to kiss my pillow :)"
many of us do that...lolllz...

talkin about KRITI...the protagonist...well, she does seem to be confused...but big deal...everyone of us is one point or the other....!

"'Uff!! 'm good. thanks and How are you? Hope you are OK!!are u??( Tried my best to talk normal in snoring sleep)" m gud at that too...

"'Well that was nice pics of Traditional Day Celebration, of course you were looking good in black saaree'(Out of ‘more’ words)"
hints a li'l more on ur side...

"ok..let me ask you now..who is that guy in other Pic?? (Guess she was expecting this )" women always like to talk abt their men/man...they don't hide....!!!

about saturation point, it happens but can be delayed...and even over to read an analysis...on that too!!!!

keep rittin...

Manojvasanth said...


Thank you!!! Analysis on saturation?? Well, It scares me.But, I have to write about it someday. :)

Ajan said...

hehehe!! Interesting conversation... 1st thing i can tell u, is that...we guys do a lot o research about a gals mentality.. and gals think they know evrythin abt guys.. muhahahahahahaha!! surprise for em..:p
(sorry gals out there... :p)

manojvasanth said...

@ Ajan

ha ha ha!! lol...Very true..;)

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