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'Sidewalk' or 'footpath' is something which I miss in my city. Complain about extending roads or people who jump on sidewalk to ride their two-wheeler. or whatever.. Just like a cup of coffee, I guess sidewalks are also one of the reasons for 'A lot can happen over'!. A walk with somebody may made you to walk with the person for life..Cant say..Anyway this is just sidewalks talk...

Dews and drops
Pearls are lying around
A morning with myself
A smile with morning walkers

Piling leaves of tree
Flirting with breeze
Now its hide n seek
And sun is winking at me

An impulse and its spate
Already a batch at corner to cross the road
Furious and fast souls close to
Street Sellers joined me to gross

Just Bricks and slabs
I'm of no use
They stopped walking over me
Now two-wheelers own me

I'm an onlooker of an accident
I'm a bed of roses for homeless
I'm a trash barrel for citizens
I'm crumpled but I'm strong

He is calm; He was my mate, sinking below the horizon
He looked at me and the smile
Its soundless night ahead
I'm sidewalk and ready for tomorrow




d SINNER!!! said...

my my! what has happened..u r writin intriguin stuf n that too in an awesome way....

Pallavi said...

This is a good one too..

ManojVasanth said...


Neha...he he..I'm normal..Don'tworry..he he..Thanks :)


Thank you :)

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