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Wednesday, December 26, 2007 | |

Naming conventions are one of the contentious topics in India. Like, Brand Bangalore, Brand India, India Shining etc and Most importantly, Young India. This is how India is projected to the world. For India, Gandhi introduced the word through this newspaper.Guess its an Evoking vison towards India’s future.But, unfortunately, later it renamed as 'Harijan' and the term Young India terminated in this manner. Now again,India is back in the list of fastest growing countries in the world. Thanks to younger generation of India.

Here is the story about Youths of India. It Says, Young India happiest in world, and work is their top priority. Everybody will agree with this. More than 1 billion people live in rural area of our country and don’t you think it also possess youngsters??.Real India has untied between rural and urban. Young India projecting youngsters of Urban. Lifestyle, Education, Career and Everything.

But, Do they think about society?? their responsibility?? Its money which matters most now. If we have money, we can get everything in this world. So we prefer to join IT instead of Army. We would love to settle down in abroad then coming back home where you spent your childhood. We want highly sophisticated life even if our parents had hard time managing a family.Slowly, We stopped respecting relationships, emotions. Its only 'I' which matters.

Just Imagine a day without Software Industry (Major part of Export) in India. We would've warring for Government jobs. But how far Software Industry is concentrating on Rural youths?? You can find intelligent people in village also. May be they can not speak fluent English which you need to converse with clients. It doesn’t mean that you should stop trying.

Delhi and Bangalore are competing for the first place in Crime Rate. Unfortunately, youngsters are involved in most of the law-breakings.Do you call it is because of Unemployment? If everybody knows their own responsibility, I don’t think you will find unemployment.

Globalization in India has come with both advantages and Disadvantages. Hope all of us take 'the best' things from the world and give back the same.




d SINNER!!! said...

ahnn..very nicely put....
no wonders...I must be important but its shudn't overlap on othr things...

Hope we take the best, and leave the bad....amen!

ManojVasanth said...


Yup!!!True.. :)

Thank you :)

equilibrium said...

Okay, I've seen some parents force their kids to join an IT firm. They don't want to see them as army you always can't always blame the "young Indians" ;)

ManojVasanth said...


True, I agree. But there is always a board for your decisions too. When parents ask their kid not to take drugs, kid may listen to it or may not. At the end, its each onez individual Decision I guess

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