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A year to remember..But, not to forget.A year to cherish..But, not to bury. A year to beat back..But, with inspiration for tomorrow.

For me, 2007 has been a year of Personal Joy, Frustrations, Professional Achievements and more. Long time relationship broke as an innocence which exists in Love got murdered mercilessly. I learnt how I should love myself first and Now, 'M doing Great!. But, forgetting is not as easy as flushing down the commode.

An experience with sleeping pills inspired me to wake up every morning thinking that there is a purpose in my life also to live a life in better manner.

This time, my yearly trip to Goa changed my perception towards my country and my responsibilities. It had been great experience and good to know many people who had different views towards our country.

A short conversation with Thej made me to take a different diversion and all my thoughts which were in mah Diary moved to blog. Thanks for the inspiration thej!.I must say, I think it’s the word scrabbling with care is better than the word blogging and it gave me a lot in short time span. I got to know many people and started reading their thoughts and they inspired me!!

More time with myself in this year made me to know myself better and take some hard decisions. Hope it continuous in coming year.

With sack of amazing experiences of 2007, moving towards 2008 with few revolutions to achieve, few dreams as goals. Thanks to everybody for reading my posts and inspiring me now and then. Thanks and Wish you all a happy and prosperous new year

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right--- Oprah Winfrey




Anonymous said...

We will for sure catch up for a coffee in 2008.

ManojVasanth said...


Yup..Sure and we should :)


d SINNER!!! said...

ahnn....love n loss--
experience with sleepin pills...
I knew, i knew-thr was smthin behind those smiles...nt a memory bt a reflection...

nywys...A HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY new year! keep smilin...(i've started smilin too...lol)

ManojVasanth said...


Thank you sho much Neha :) Wish you the same..have a great year ahead

equilibrium said...

Nice post. Full senti and all :)

ManojVasanth said...


he he..I love your 'and all' :D

Thank you..Have a great year ahead:)

Shruti said...

coincidence na.. I too had a major heart break last year.. umm.. in fact the anniversary is near. Time heals all.. memories remain.
Hey lets hope for a wonderful 2008! Cheers!! :)

ManojVasanth said...


True..Time heals all.. Have a great year ahead

Thanks and Keep Smiling :)

Aparna Kar said...

"..another chance for us to get it right" Damn right!

ManojVasanth said...


True :) Have a great year ahead and Thanks :)

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