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I'm not sure which word of these “Adjust" and "Indian" had been introduced first to the universe. Whichever, But Indians are very close to this and We have been adjusting from very long time.

In Mahabharata, Pandavas adjusted with Kauravas and their tantrums till they reached their saturation point of patience.

500 years Back, When Mughals entered India, We adjusted and lately we are enjoying the movie Mughal-e-Azam too!!!:D

In 1800, coastal India seen 'white men' as visitors and when they wanted to stay for some more days, we adjusted as it was dusk and we were blind to see United Kingdom flag inside their Bag. Next Morning we woke up to see ourselves in floor and they were on our mat!! .But, we adjusted for another 90 years.

Everybody left India, but not adjustment and adjusting. Even today, we are doing adjustment with society, people and our own life. Our Politicians are blood suckers!! So what?? How much blood will they suck yaar!! One fine day thee will be satisfied...come on..adjust..This is India. There are some youngsters in Politics, but what’s the use?? They are not cabinet ministers. They are adjusting. They are waiting for all senior politicians to die I guess!!

Cricket!! India's Passion. If team wins, we praise. If they lose, we screw. Poor Cricketers adjusting themselves with fans sports spirit. Furious fans are adjusting with uncertainties perfect example, 'Indian Cricket Team'.

Youngsters!! We are having hard time adjusting with life style. Guys are adjusting with many girlfriends and limited pocket money. Girls are adjusting with tomorrow’s future and today’s happiness. Guys are adjusting with the job they have got as long as it gives money. Girls are adjusting with time to change from salwar to jeans which was inside their bag.

Traffic!! World’s unofficial 8th wonder. We are adjusting and we will adjust.
Movies!! Adjusting with masala mixed Hollywood larceny.

Honestly, I think, We are scared for a change. Because, we think individual change doesn’t have any effect on our country. Adjustment is strongly injected in our blood. An optimistic me always say, there is an end for everything, hopefully this will end someday. Come on… now don’t say, its not changed from 500 years, how will it change tomorrow…Hmmm....I think, Anything can happen in next minute.

Aah!! Listening to AR Rahmans’s Yeh jo Des hai tera…Lovely composition!!

Keep smiling :)




d SINNER!!! said...

So in a nutshell..........

The word is----ADJUST!

and on the macro level---

LIFE ITSELF IS AN is adjustin -GOD , Satan or we?

Shruti said...

I'm currently trying hard to adjust to a colleague of mine. But, I think, this adjustment.. this tolerance.. it is cowardice!

equilibrium said...

Hahaha! Seriously, thats how it is.

Well written.

ManojVasanth said...


Hmm..very much complicated :)


hehe.May be you dont wanna gurt your colleague!! ;)


Thank you :)

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