A moment with her

Tuesday, January 22, 2008 | |

I don’t say I know her very well. Because, I haven’t met her in person. But,I know her. Knowing the person materiality is always different from knowing mentally. I have read her articles;I have spoken to her couple of times now.Today,I'm going to write about her. Reason?? Hmm.. I think she is an open book of enigma.

When you read her articles, trust me, those are complete downpours. Such an outburst of emotions, which creates a talkative, gushing effigy of her in your mind. Some days later I spoke to her over phone. For the first time,I thought the telco she is using is charging incoming calls!! She hardly had anything to say other than 2-3 favorite words of her. I was the one who blabbering big time.Very Sweet voice with kind of control over all the words she speaks out.

Even if it was a strange conversation for both of us, somehow it triggered short conversations for future. She never had spoken more than 10 sentences in one hour call. Believe me, she is a wonderful listener.Most of the time I insist her to talk because somehow I could smell inner fragrance of person which just waiting to spread over the world. But, I guess its just logical thinking about the situation made her not to come out of her boundary and be emotive towards anything or anybody.I don’t think it’s a kind of agnosticism or something. It’s just a confusion to pick between better and the best.

I felt,she carries two personalities within her and albeit those were completely pure. No faking. I’m just surprised and I'm glad to know somebody like her. At one moment she complains about something and later she is comfortable with it as she started adjusting and living with it.

This wonder wandering petite who is hitting every corner of her house most of the time has something serious to tell and I'm waiting for it. It is great to know such a solace mate who inspires me with her silence. Hope I meet her someday somewhere corner of this world to look into her eyes to know more about her.

This is for her:

Its far to reach. But,
not to touch
Its hard to trust. But,
not to hold
Its tough to be heart-to-heart. But,
not to try

Keep Smiling :)



d SINNER!!! said...


lucky grl MV...

i bet, she mus hav a lot to say abt u as well....and she mus have lrned a lot from u....

:)keep inspirin!!!keep gettin inspired!

Insomniac said...

yes every now and then we come across such special people in our lives; shaping us, moulding our experiences.

ManojVasanth said...


I guess so Neha :)

Thanks...Keep Smiling :)


Very True Ken :).Meeting others is indeed an experience.

Anonymous said...

mmm shucks she is so damn lucky to know you.

ManojVasanth said...


me too Bunny!!:D infact. 'm the luckiest... I know you too..remember?? :P

equilibrium said...

Nice read!

"It is great to know such a solace mate who inspires me with her silence."


ManojVasanth said...


Thank You :)

Ajan said...

Same pinch!! Same to same...
you managed to put em in words.. i never bothered to write about my emotions..

ManojVasanth said...


Thanks :)

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