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Sunday, January 6, 2008 | |

"Three lands in jail for talking on phone while driving". This news flashed in CNN a pretty good 3 months back. One of the interesting steps from Mumbai Traffic Police. Today, I don’t know the scenario in Mumbai as I don’t stay in India’s financial hub. But I wish this policy is still ruling and people are following it.

It has been more than 7 years in Bangalore and I have seen increasing population, traffic congestion in the city. I travel everyday. In weekends I prefer not to come out of my house.It’s just because of the traffic and the people who don’t know traffic rules. Unfortunately, we are Intelligent Uneducated People!!

For me, most scaring thing while riding is when I see a person who is talking over phone while driving/riding. We know, when we are talking over phone we will be having complete concentration over our conversation and no where else. After our conversation, we hardly remember what we were doing while talking. If this is the condition, how can somebody do two things at a time?? While driving, if we talk over phone, I don’t think we have control over our vehicle at the same time. I haven’t seen anybody using hands free(Guess it’s uncomfortable).It’s scary, very scary for the person who is coming behind you. He will be confused about your movements.We hardly have any patience to stop our vehicle and talk.I know many accidents which happened because of this. Hope Bangalore Traffic Police will take some harsh decisions on this instead of bothering poor Truck Drivers for 100 bucks standing near by cutting-chai shop.

Bangalore has its own hypothesis on Traffic rules:

- We Park our vehicle in Main Road because we don’t have No Parking Board!
- Our vehicle has indicators but, we hardly use it
- Rule asks us to wear Helmet but, we find it necessary only when we see a cop a Kilo Meter Away.Because, we don’t want to give him 100 bucks.
- Many of us don’t have License but, we know how to ride/drive and nobody caught us till date!
- We are supposed to have pollution certificate but, why?? Cops stopped asking for it and what kind of big difference my vehicle will make on city's pollution.
- We don’t care about our fellow drivers/riders
- We complain but we don’t follow!

Other Day I met one of the senior citizens of the city in Basavanagudi Vidyarthi Bhavan. It was a pretty interesting conversation with cup of tea and at the end he said, "We Indians are better to ride bullock carts but not vehicles"!!
Sometimes, I think it’s true.




Shruti said...

I think only bikers are taking it seriously not to use the mobile phone while riding. They'll lose balance after all :P

ManojVasanth said...

he he..I have seen bikers who push cell phone inside their helmet and talking while driving..surprisingly, they dont want to use hands-free!

Thanks :)

Lee said...

That’s true no one is serious about the traffic rules and more over when you see on the road you can see Bus stopping in the middle of the road at the bus stands and Auto rickshaw drivers driving a three wheeler as if they are on a two wheeler. Auto rickshaw parked at the corner of road that makes the commuters difficult to turn their vehicle. Today I faced two motorcyclist riding fast and hit my side view mirror of my vehicle and the other banged me from the rear side of my vehicle and all they got to say is “SORRY” its so common today… If these guys would have faced the same problem will they stay quite? “NO way” they would have behaved like barbarians. But this doesn’t make an end to this there is always a solution, one thing its true the last lines what you have shared.

ManojVasanth said...


Every Points over here are true!! mere common sense on man is missing!! Cant help

Thanks :)

equilibrium said...

Yeah, that sight is irritating and they deserve a fall! But the others you said, can't help.

ManojVasanth said...


True.. Sometimes I stop my vehicle and let them to go ahead :(

he he:D Thanks Bhaago :)

kenneth said...

will keep in mind as im learning to drive this hols :)

ManojVasanth said...


Thanks a lot!! Mlore is competing with Blore now :)

Jimmy said...

Hi... I am Jimmy from Bangalore Mirror. Can I have your permission to put up this post on our blogger's park section? Thanks..

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