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This post is about one of the beautiful creation of God, Woman. Its completely belongs to my own perceptual experience. When entire world celebrating Women’s Day , let me be part of the celebration to thank some of them who really inspired me. It may be different when Man writes about Woman in this occassion,but,its important for me to say how a Woman inspires a Man to live.

She is the reason for why and what I'm today. She is the first person to teach "Time Sense" and "Discipline" in life when I was in class 1. I wrote it down in Rock and will always stay with me. Only person who has seen me crying and even today I cant hide my tears from her, at this age. Always been a great support and inspiration. She is my mom.

She is two years younger than me. But, she is the first person whom I ask for my major conclusions. She is Practical, Charming. Amazing lecturer for her students and She is my kid sis Maansi. We share same B’day and that’s what makes me feel good when I say I have a wonderful sister.

She is someone whom I know from my class 2.We never expected anything from each other and that’s the reason, she is my friend, my well wisher and I know she will be there with me whenever I need her. Thanks to you.

She is someone whom I met and lost in the way of my life. Never thought she will come into my life with such soft steps. Never thought she will go out of my life with such an impact which I remember unconsciously through out my life. I don’t hate
her because I don’t have rights to do it I guess. She inspired in some way. Thanks to her.

Blogging world introduced me to couple of ladies who possess amazing character within them. They really inspired me. One is technically cool, another one is intellectually brilliant. They are genuinely nice and inspired me. Thanks

One incident introduced me to this person who I know from quite sometimes now. Never met her but she is sensible, wonderful and one sweet solace soul. This is what I can say about her at this point. Thanks to you for your support :)

"It wasn't the airplanes. It was beauty killed the beast". One of the memorable quotes from movie King Kong. Yes, it’s Woman and her Beauty is the important necessity of Man's life. When you read the beauty falsely, it betrays more than it fascinates. Her beauty lies in her attitude. Her beauty lies in care she shows. Her beauty lies in her love. Her beauty lies in her pain. Her beauty lies in her silence which has just overcome 1000 words. Thanks to you all. Keep inspiring.

Every Woman is Wonderful when you make her feel Wonderful.



d SINNER!!! said...


when men will start thinkin just like this...i am sure there wud be no more gender issues...

thnx Mv for such btful thots!!!

Anonymous said...

that was so beautiful!

/me throws roses at ya!

that women who will better your rest half of the life ;] is indeed one lucky lady!

equilibrium said...

Liked the last paragraph :)

ManojVasanth said...


Thanks Neha :)


Thanks Bunny!! /me blushing..:D


Really?? Yaaake?? :P

he he ..Thanku:)

Insomniac said...

loved the last line..
and btw guess those 2 online ladies u mentioned are special to me too.

ManojVasanth said...


Thanks :).Yup, I understand

MANASA said...

wav bro........

it's really beautiful.....:)

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