Traffic Signal!

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Traffic means, the aggregation of things.
Signal say, any communication that encodes a message.

TRAFFIC SIGNAL is a visual signal to control the flow of traffic at intersections. When we split this word and think about each; it’s our life. A communication with aggressive life. Traffic Signal is one point where you can see bits and parts of life.

Everyday most of us will step out of our house in search of daily bread. I know I have very bad habit of reading people. But, its always inspired me. Everyday I travel 35 KM (two-way) for my work and I go through couple of traffic signals. We all carry our life within us and it will show in Traffic Signals. Let me list some of the characters I see at Signal.

- A medical representative who is checking is diary for contact number of doctor whom he is going to meet next. He is frustrated with sun, pollution, and his old pair of shoes, heavy leather bag and his own life.

- Two pretty girls seated on their pretty scooter and babbling big time. They were silent all through the journey; but, traffic signal gives an impression that whole world is looking at them: D

- When I look at these people, two thoughts will cross over my mind. Is love blind or the people in love are blind??Oh ho...Confusion!! Confusion!!. These guys and gals behave as if nobody is looking at them.

- These people are very much tired with the so called 'Relationship' acting I guess. So, less conversation. Guy looks at girl sitting in another motorcycle with her boyfriend and Gal look at other guy who just smiled at her!!

- Guy who has pushed his cell phone inside the helmet and talking as if he is at his bedroom.

- Super stud with luxury car showing off his new music system which is literally make others head banging and they obviously turn their heads at him with one helluva nasty look.

- Senior Citizens; uncle and aunty still think they are strong enough to do their own work and somehow they manage to cross over these traffic signals. Aunty looks scared but not Uncle!. You can guess from where they are coming. They are coming from near by hospital after monthly check up of their health. I could see the report in vehicles transparent dashboard.

- I pity these people. I feel, these are the people who are reason behind all the problems which world is facing. Because, they just behave like that. Frowning faces restless, arrogant body language. Yeah!! These are the people who are sitting inside Luxury 4 Wheelers.

- There are some 'intelligent' people who love to honk even if traffic signal is showing RED. Sometimes, person who has stopped his vehicle in first row will get frustrated with this and simply start and move ahead. And we are true Indians, so every body follows him. So the person who was honking; finally feels as if he just crossed "Atlantic Ocean".

- Meet these guys!. They call themselves auto drivers. Wikipedia is planning to write about them as the definition needs lots of pages. Only auto engine will be working as the rest of it are on complete rest. Brain of driver,indicators,horn..Nothing!!!.

- Torturing others is their motto. As soon as Red light shows up, these guys will jump into the pool and started shouting for their news paper. There are sales guys too. I don’t understand why they found traffic signal is the best place to sell their product. Either their product is of low quality or they think people are fools. People don’t have time to stand in the signal and these guys are....anyways..never mind.

- Felt bad for god when some people bring god to streets. Very sickening.

- I have seen those guys who walk over zebra cross as if they are walking on ramp. I have seen those gals who are worn new jeans and T but very uncomfortable while walking as they think whole world is gazing at them. I dont know why should they still wear such clothes and feel uncomfortable.

- I had already written about "Spitting" personalities in traffic signals. They are all gems of bloody polluted city.

Hmm...I don’t know where I'm in this traffic signal. If someone finds me, please write about me :)

Keep Smiling :)



sudhi said...

Manoo , you wrote exact views on the way you are travelling ....Nice One , Expecting more !!!! All the best

equilibrium said...

Well, you talked about girls. Guys are no less...they style their hair, look in through the car windows to see who is driving and do so many other things, all at the signal.

A signal is a wonderful thing indeed, only if you are not in a hurry!

d SINNER!!! said...

i agree with equib above...signal is a wonderful thing....

and so is life...only if one is not in a hurry....

Rohit Tripathi said...

I have read some of your blogs, I want to congratulate you first that you are having an amazing writing ability which makes your blogs very much readable and interesting. One thing which I have noticed again and again in your blogs is that you describe anything with great enthusiasm. keep the good work coming

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ManojVasanth said...


Thanks Chetta :)


Oh ho..I forgot..thats me I guess :D hehe..thanks :)


Very True Neha


Thank You :) Keep smiling

Rohit Tripathi said...

hmm. not Roghit dear. its Rohit and thank you :-)

latest Post

:Urgent vacancy for the post of Girl Friend…

Anonymous said...

I always get irritated by people who honk at me at the signal as soon as the counting goes to single digit. I wish I had a truck...i would try reverse gear

another character would be the racers who like to take off before the signal goes green..

Solitaire said...

Wow the traffic signals in india must be really really long for you to notice so much and to know that the doctor is fed up of the sun and the pollution and that the babbling pretty girls were actually quiet (?) throughout their journey.

ManojVasanth said...


True.If everybody follows the signal and rules,I dont thin we will ever have traffic problem in blore.


he he..Yeah..may be because of my psychiatrist kid sis.Its all about how you read others I guess.

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