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It’s quite sometimes now and he doesn't even remember how they hooked up. But its nice to know her. Oh! Let me introduce these two people to you.


Sensible,Silent,Defines a Sexy Man. Till year back, He has been under his table lamp to score Big marks for Bigger job in IT industry and now he successfully achieved it with workaholic tag. At very young age He comfortably settled .But, he is missing something in life which he doesn’t know what exactly he is missing. May be he is looking for someone who cares for him. Its kind of feeling where he doesn't know what he wants but he wants.


She carries Bright Bubbly personality with her. As if two stars came down to see her in the night and stayed back in her eyes. She is like a flash under which people find them brighter and obviously fall in love with.

Guess its one of those social networking source which brought them together from different corners of this world. For them it was a comfort ness they feel while talking to each other and nothing else. Exhausted days used to end up hour long calls in the night. They had been seeing eatch other in picture and one day they decided to meet in person. This moment with cup of coffee really done some magic on him. Later days, frequent visit to coffee bars, long hour phone calls made him to fall in love with her. Both are well matured to think about relationship, friendship, love, romance etc etc which are really comes and goes with time. Do you think he really called it as a love?? No. for him, it was just an emotion which he wanted to keep alive through out his life. But, just like any other man, even he thinks, Only the line "I Love You" express his emotions in huge to her.

It took him some time to understand what exactly happening to him before he could go and tell her all the feelings he has for her. Now he knows what he is feeling but, how can he tell this to her?? What if she wouldn't have expected this from me? He asks his friend for help and he says, "You just say what you feel and don’t expect anything in return". Now this line is pretty hard to understand but, he wanted to give a try.

She possess such a strong mental balance where emotions gotten second priority and its always reality which matters her most. For her reality drives emotions and for him its emotion which drives reality. One fine day he really wanted to come out
of his own created perplexity towards her. He wanted to know what she feels for him. Does she talks to every other guy just like she talks to me. Does she really possess two lives within her? He went told her, I Love you. Not for today but for tomorrow too and of course forever. Shall we commit to each other?

This commitment is such a hard core thing which takes ones life to achieve it. She said no. He can’t accept this answer. but, she had a reason. He is not interested to know the answer. Do you think she wanted to say No? Yes. For her, this is unexpected from him. She is being herself created this moment. It’s very hard to change self-life for others. She would love to change for him. But, what if he doesn't respect this in the future. She can’t even agree on things where love happens just like that. And most importantly the questions and fingers are really pointing at her privacy.Do you agree?

1 If you talk over phone and if someone really impresses you by his/her charm, do you think you are in love with that person or vice versa?
2 If you started roaming with a person and he pampers you big time does says he loves you?

Let me ask you a question.

Can you afford to lose a person with whom you were comfortable talking and sharing things without naming your relationship?

Today it happens when we misinterpret the things happening within and around us. Today its trust which matters most for some people .And the commitment of long lasting beautiful life.

Love is a dream. Dream it. Don’t expect it to come true. Lets not create perplexing pool and drown ourselves in it. Relationships are beautiful.Don’t make it flurry and foul.

Hey! me listening to piyu bole...[Dil ki jo baatein hain, baatein jo dil ki hain.. Dil hi mein rakhna piya ]

Have a Smile on your face.... so long



equilibrium said...

COMPLEX. Probably thinking should stop at some point. It has the potential to freak you out sometimes.

Insomniac said...

Lots to think.
1. No.
2. No.

you cant afford to lose people you trust. its best to keep them close. fools rush in where angels fear to tread.
i was a fool once :)
plenty happy now.

d SINNER!!! said...





How can one just be so....why does this happen....

I am in the 'perplexed' state too...not knowing what to do...

Mez said...

Hey Manoj,

Thanks for droppin by my blog. I perused thru some of ur earlier posts. Nice stuff. Wull be back to read more.

ManojVasanth said...


Hmm..True :)


Hope you are feeling good now :)


Thanks :)

Rach said...

nice one...

I believe every relation doesn't need a name, some just surpass it!

When you name something so beautiful and pure, there are chances you would let it stagnate, not giving it the freedom to grow!

Commitment in such cases should be, i believe towards the relation rather than the person!!

Nice blog :)

Pen Drive said...

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Anonymous said...

hmmm.. interesting ... and no comments

ManojVasanth said...


Yup :) Thanks



Ajan said...
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Ajan said...

okay! now this is gonna be a big comment/compliment. So, make yourself comfortable in your chair and get a bag of chips..

Firstly I thought I was reading a gal's blog here. 'Coz I have opened two blogs at once and one did not open, the other(which was yours) opened. I thought I was looking at a gal's blog until I saw the replies to the commentators.hehehehe!! No offense meant. But, usually guys don't have the time or patience or such a level of emotional thinking as much as gals do. That's what I think personally. So, correct me if I'm wrong, unless a guy would have some extreme emotional disturbance he would not put such amount into a blog that makes lots of meanings in every point and looks like a law article where even the best of gals do not manage that. ;)

And 1) NO (come to think about it)
2) Absolutely No

Also for your questions...
1) No never ever. I have one such beautiful friend (a gal). She's the best. But I cannot imagine her to be my gal friend. Its weird. Its nonsense.

2)Trust is a pretty strong word and it takes a while with some people. (now this is turning out to be a nice funny argument..hehehe!!)

3)C'mon we need to have dreams which we need to make em come true. Remember Abdul Kalam's words?? He meant everything not just careers or ambitions

hmm... okay!! how would you explain if you have met a person who has the same qualities as you have. Or.. Lemme put it in this way. I know I'm optimistic, I know I'm fun/wild to be with. Blah Blah Blah!! If I find the same qualities in a gal(s). How would we describe it? 'Coz 1 gal I met hides it coz of her pride, another still needs time to realize it..

Really love this post. :) Keep it up Bro!!

P.S:Had to delete the previous comment since I did not put up any blod letters in the beginning..:D

ManojVasanth said...


Thanks!! Its good to see such a long comment. I think i have answered you already. in fact i have written it in my new post too. :D

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