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Tuesday, April 1, 2008 | |

After long time, 2004 batch computer science students met in a corner of small auditorium where they had come to wish one of their friend’s marriage. I'm happy to see and meet all of them as I belong to same batch. It was fun reminiscing good old days. One common question for me was "Where do you stay??". True. All of us stay in same city but scattered in such a way that we dont have time to meet each other.” I stay in Raja Rajeshwari Nagar, 4th stage" I said with broad smile and obvious expectation of next question.” Where is your Office?", He was kind of curious to know. "Office is in MG Road... Yeah almost 16 KM from my mansion..he he". "Oh god.. It’s far. Why are you staying so far?"

Right!! Why I'm staying so far? My answer for his question was "Because I like that place. Away from all the pollutions and I can still feel the real Bangalore ".He never bothered to ask one more question because he knew its true. We are missing real Bangalore.

Now the question, what is Real Bangalore? Good old Bangalore? Bangalore's trade mark name "Garden City" is pushing back to history now. You can hardly see any Green in this city. When I look down from my office balcony I can see green couple of trees in between huge Glass Covered buildings. But from last one year, I could see the vanishing green area from MG Road location. We can really feel temperature increasing in this place. Today morning, I witnessed another trimming down action on tree near my office, opposite Yahoo building. Reason??? Bangalore Metro Rail. I wonder how successful Metro Rail would be.

After long time I had gone to MSRIT College via Mekhri circle and I was just shocked to see the Windsor Manor road next to Bangalore Golf Course. For a moment, I thought I'm entered wrong route. It took couple of time to realize that BBMP has done a tremendous job of bringing down all the trees in that street.

Same thing near St.Johns Hospital in Koramangala. All those huge trees which lived more than 100 years of their life in this city are brought down ruthlessly from unplanned team working for so called city development. Bangalore is one place where you can’t separate Residential area from corporate buildings. They are very much coalesced. But, People here love to stay in such places where they can easily breathe polluted air and dust. They don’t miss trees in Bangalore. Its only NGO's who miss trees in Bangalore.

I remember one of the Ex Chief Ministers of Karnataka who had a revolutionary Idea of making Bangalore to Singapore and he mentioned in his speech after he failed and frustrated to do so that, "You can’t expect Bangalore to become Singapore where people dump their garbage in neighbors backyard” And I think, that’s right. People come here from all over the country; they enjoy staying here but, hardly think about keeping the city clean and livable.

Other day, one of my friends asking for landmark to reach my house. I said, "You can see two mayflower trees in both sides of my house. Those are the only two tress in that cross (street)". For me, its wonderful place to stay. Cold, Calm and Clean. In weekends, most of us prefer to sit at home or runaway from Bangalore for some green and fresh air.

It’s high time and let’s stops talking about Global Warming and let’s does something really helpful. Hope we force Management to come out with proper plan which does not need forfeits of trees in the future. There are people who are working for city and want to get back Good old Bangalore where AC and Fans are hardly used and such products had zero market value in this city :D. Support these[Bangalore City Connect, Unlock Bangalore] people for good cause and for all our tomorrow.

Have a life!!!Beautiful one... Arrivederci :)



d SINNER!!! said...

Wow MV...


I can see the same happening in Shimla too...Its only the interiors where I see forest covers, lush green landscape, the town is all concrete and it will gt worse...

It has o be dealt with...

Anonymous said...

another bangalore mirror potential material here. ;)

ManojVasanth said...


Thanks...yeah we should do something on this :)


I wish for peace :). thank you

clemenza said...


i did not ask where you stay.
Even i stay in a place which is middle of nowhere, i love it coz it silent and chilled out place.

The only problem with everyone in our class is that we dont have time to meet anyone else!!!


ManojVasanth said...


True :). Thanks for dropping in :D

clemenza said...


i am lurker on ur blog. read it regularly, however i am too lazy to comment !!!

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