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Monday, May 5, 2008 | |

Just a week back, suhas pinged me to come to his desk where Basva had already landed to plan something for weekend getaway. Very soon we picked up place for Trekking as well as stay near lots of water. So, coastal topped the list even if it’s hot and off season destination. In fact we wanted such place where we go away from all the crowd and enjot the seashore. We decided to go to Gokarna, where our trekking starts from Kumata, which you find almost 30 kms before Gokarna.

We had everything with us from Gas to MTR ready to eat to Tent. Walked almost 12 KMS from Kumata's Baada beach to find a lone beach near. Spent a night in the seashore and had a really great time. Later in the morning we walked to Gokarna and stayed in Namaste Cafe.Last 2 days were completely for Om beach and couple of near by beaches. We walked to find Half Moon beach

Overall, nice place to visit and had wonderful time looking at sea. A much needed break from stressful life. Now back to Blore and of course to office and work.

Couples of pics are here...
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From picasa
So long... Keep Smiling :)


Anonymous said...

I was supposed to ride to Gokarna this weekend. But didnt happen. We rode to a place in TN called Valparai. May be next time Gokarna.. I will probably do thar beach walk :)

ManojVasanth said...


You must do it once :)

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