Once upon a time

Sunday, September 21, 2008 | |

October 16 2000, Three days after my birthday, I met these guys for the first time in my life. I hadn’t even had the thinnest clue about people I'm going to share classroom for another 4 years. Unforgettable four years with hell lot of memories and lessons for future.

This is one of those pictures which I had kept safely in that dusty old trunk which caught my eye last night. Yes, this indeed made me to come up with reminiscent and emotional post.

I know we never promised to stay in touch with each other for rest of our life. But, we can’t help going back and cherishing those moments we spent together. Class rooms, internals, canteen, cricket, projects, and fests were part of college days even though our intention was just to get into some software company. No idea how much we enjoyed it when we were back in college. Today, when I look back, yeah... we traveled long way. Life has changed for everybody. Some people changed with life and some people changed the life. Few understood others and rest never bothered. Some remained as class mates and some stayed as friends.

Lately, each of us made friends with ourselves so we will never be alone. As we are exploring the world and meeting new people everyday, it’s hard to keep in touch with people once we shared some amazing moments.I am sure these wonderful moments will stay with us forever.

Thanks everybody for those moments :)

Ajeeb daastaan hai yeh..Kahan shuru kahan khatam..Yeh manzile hai kaunsi..Na woh samajh sake na hum..

Sayonara :)


equilibrium said...

I'm getting all nostalgic :((

d gypsy! said...

pretty right...

ajeeb he yeh dastaan...

Anonymous said...

Hmm...now I remember..I joined (rather met) my engg classmates for the first time on my birthday,,,,,,,,

ManojVasanth said...


hehe :D

@d gypsy

Yup..by the way..nice name :)


:). must be oct 12h then :)

Ajan said...


dolphin said...

beautiful lines for explaining engg life, i completely agree with your views. you've made my day thanks to the post.

ManojVasanth said...


Thanks :)

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