Nothing Has Changed

Thursday, November 20, 2008 | |

I often hear people saying..'Life has been changed over the years’. But, I don’t agree with this. Not in my case at least.I may say, life has seen some adjustments but not been replaced. Its root is still stuck to soil.

One evening, lied down and I just traveled back for almost 10-12 years. Went back to my High School days. The days you start memorizing every minuscule things happening around you. The days where you see and feel the mental and physical changes happening to you and around. Very important growing years of anybody’s life.

Then I used to be the first person to reach school. Sharp on time at 8AM .Today, I'm the first person to enter our floor. So, nothing has changed. Then I was handling couple of posts and dealing with responsibilities in school parliament or cultural activities. Today, I handle one of the most responsible jobs in the software development cycle. So, nothing has changed.

Then I used to carry huge Duckback school bag and lunch box everyday. Today, I carry HP laptop bag (with laptop of course) and helmet on other hand.Then I had queerly kept ineternal papers inside my bag and Now, I have old bills and papers inside my bag.Broken pens still hold the same place. Then I rode to school on my Atlas cycle and now I ride on my Hero Honda splendor plus. So, nothing has changed

Then I had never forgotten my pencil box. That was one of the most favorite and precious things I have ever had in my school days. Today I don’t forget my spectacles box. Because, without that I could hardly see and work ;)

Then I had a competition in classroom on scoring marks. Today I have competition at work. Then I had bad guys in class room who bullied me. Now, I have some people who remind me of those guys. So, nothing has changed.

Then I had my school head mistress to which I was the favorite student. Today I have someone whom we call Project Manager who has taken her position. She used to punish me severely for every simple mistake I had done. This guy kills me for every silly mistake I do. So, nothing has changed.

Then I had cute girls with whom I used ask for notes. Today I have pretty ladies whom I ask to come for cup of coffee. Then every year, with every girl, crush was on the 'to do' list. Today...I have just got crushed.. So, nothing has changed.

No No...Wait. I know what you are thinking after reading last few lines. Yes, Its everybody’s story .Yes,If there is something changed, Then it must be innocence within us and nothing else. Hope we keep those innocence for tomorrow just to go back and smile at those moments.

Sayonara :)

Image: I found this guy in my neighborhood!


dolphin said...

thanks for the article. I loved it!

ManojVasanth said...


Thanks bro. Thanks for dropping in

MANASA said...

its really superb bro...:)

Ajan said...

hehe! Nothing has changed.. nice 1!

ManojVasanth said...


Thanks :)

Thanks dude :)

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