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Just like the way Chrsitopher Gardner says, "This part of my life... this part right here? This part is called "Joyousness”. It was an emotion of great happiness.I remember growing up in small 1BHK house in Dharmasthala with my parents and kid sister.It was a typical middle-class life. When I say 'Middlie-Class' life; it was typical 80's middle class life. There wasn’t "today's" upper middle class.Our every day was planned and every night was gratifying. This is the place where dreams are born.Trust me; for poor, doesn’t have time to dream, for rich, doesn’t need a dream. A dream of being successful can only be seen next to middle-class man's bed.

But,why I'm I talking all those things over here right now? I haven’t achieved anything successful yet which I'm really in process of dreaming now.But, I think I have done something which was dreamt by someone else and I just helped him to achieve it. What I have got is something which can not be explained.As Garth Brooks says, “You aren’t wealthy until you have something money can’t buy".Its True.

My dad is always been a source of inspiration.Not because we always had a conversation or discussion. No, he inspired me because he respected every damn decision I had taken in my life.He never questioned my decision ever since I started in standard 8th to till date.He believed in me. He allowed me to learn from my mistakes.This is something which I never told him and I'm really grateful for being reason behind what I'm today.We all have a dream and most of the time we don’t want to share it with everybody even if the person is close enough.My dad had a dream of flying in an air-plane at least once in his life time. For a self made, middle-class man like him it was pretty costly dream. Just like any other burgher, hemight have postponed it for his son's life time.In fact he did and obviously I wasn’t aware of it.I have my own kind of affection towards my family. I always believed that there is nothing can stand by you during your bad times except your family.Family was always been a first priority.So, this day I decided take my dad in an air-plane.

I remember how anxious I was on my first day in school, or in college or at work place.Everywhere, every time it was the same expression.I could see it on his face when we reached airport.When we sat inside, first thing he asked, "That’s it? This is how the inside of an air-plane looks like?" I said, “Yes”. The expression and emotions on his face, was indefinable.When we were flying high, he was lost in the clouds and breathtakingly beautiful view of earth from top. He turned to me and said, "Thanks, this one is going to be very memorable”.I want to say, just like the way Chrsitopher Gardner says, "This part of my life... this part right here? This part is called "Joyousness".


Radz said...

Lovely write-up Manoj.. Its interesting how life comes a full circle.. Our parents spend their entire life planning things for us and then we do the same, planning things for them :)
A simple life, but gratifying..

MANASA said...

It's really wonderful write-up bro...i was really feeling proud abt u while dad expressing his experience...u r such a sweet son , bro, buddy...everything....keep smiling ...:-)

Mani Kumar Adari said...

You did a fantastic job. In life one cant achieve what they dream of, if that is achieved by their children, the parents will be very very happy.

Even dream comes from poverty or situations around them which badly inspired their lives. Take my case, we are in a very bad situation, when i completed my b tech days. My dreams are so different like every cse guy thinks in his engineering days. Write GRE, TOEFL, fly to US and earn money. I understood at that time, my mother needs me badly. Stopped all the thoughts looked for the job which is near to my village. So that i can spare sometime with her until she recovers. She is very very happy when i dropped from the idea of going to US.

I can understand the feeling. You never forget those moments.

Manoj said...

Thanks :).Thats the great line. Life is nothing but circle.


Thanks :)


Thanks for your comments :) Sometimes, sacrifice does give great pleasure.isnt it?

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