Forever and a day..

Sunday, August 2, 2009 | |

[This image here is one of those pages from my diary which was written by someone else..I always cherish this page as it witnessed some of the best moments of my life]

One of those days you wake up thinking I should find someone who loves me the way I wanted, Someone who accepts me the way I'm. One fine morning you have decided that you have found her. You will walk a walk with her, you will talk a talk with her, and you will sing a Song for her. She will smile and you are voodooed forever. She will look into your eyes and you will stop looking at world and you will say Love is blind.

One day you wake up to see you are alone. You had become a vagrant in a wild desert. You will start thinking what, where went wrong? You are hurt, you hit bathroom and cry silently. You will say Love is not blind, it’s brutal.

You are walking down the street and you will hear the song coming from one of the houses. You don’t know what is it but at that moment you liked that particular song. You will go to your place, search for the song, download it and listen to it. Song will be on repeat mode for more than week. Because, you still love that song. Suddenly one day you started feeling that something has lost in this song. You will stop listening to it and search for another one begins.

Remember those days when your Dad/Mom beating you black and blue whenever you did something which you were not suppose to? Hadn’t you thought for even once that, "God, I hate these people, Give me some other Mom or some other Dad whom I saw it in last movie which I watched". I know it’s funny. But, in reality, we realize their love as we grow up. It’s irreplaceable. You won’t get anywhere else in this world. I would like to say that's an Immortal one.

Whatever else which we call it as love is like our love for the song which I mentioned earlier. Nowadays, soon we get exhausted with certain things and it includes love, relationships too. We are really struggling to keep things moving. There is a quote, we can not love and be limited. But, we often limit it as most of the time, 'Unlimited' has come out with different meaning. Of course, you should respect when other person does not like over- possessiveness. After all everybody has their own capacity to accept love. Isn’t it?

I knew 2 of my best friends (Girls) and their dating partners. After 2 years of dating, one married other's boyfriend and other married someone else's boyfriend. I know it’s pretty confusing. Anyway, What I understood is, its not whom you love but it’s with whom you move on in life. We often blame our life for its desire to be comfortable. But, actually it’s us who are looking for a best option without realizing that we lost the 'best' some where in a mid way of life. In fact, we don’t know what is best for us until we live with it. May be because, we are really fast in falling in love, then talking and then meeting forever. I thought the best thing would be, Meet, Talk and then fall in love. I'm sure, you stay with some stranger, far away from world, and you would fall in love with the person. I read somewhere that you would fall in love with your enemy too, if you stay with him/her for few days. You stay alone all your life, you will love yourself more than anyone else in this world.

You may miss people who love you in your life. But, not a chance to love. Its their, forever and a day..


Di said...

Rather somber I would say.. But nice.. You just cemented my belief in no lasting-love! :P

amma$1234 said...

I just searching for a natural forest photographs on web i found one of u r pictures and seen one photo named Manu i just stopped and read the "Forever a day" its exactly matches my thinking and my pet name is i started commenting on this nothing else Itsa nice to see u r Blog


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