Priceless Pleasures..

Wednesday, October 7, 2009 | |

Few happinesses in life take nothing.May be that is the reason why those are called as priceless ones.

When somebody says, life is a journey or discovery; I think it means nothing but search of all these invaluable happinesses.

I’m pretty fortunate enough to experience some of those moments which are unforgettable and immensely cherished.Im sure there are many more to come.

- A Long drive in Mangalore - Mumbai highway.

- Stopping your vehicle anywhere on the highway between Udupi- Kundapur and take a diversion towards left for around 3 KMs to find a sea shore which is completely lonesome. Sit on seashore and watch setting sun. Nothing can sop up your worries like a sea.

- Go for beach trekking, find an isolated sea shore for camping. Sleep looking at stars with scary, screaky sea.

- Pouring rain and you are driving a jeep on village roads near Kushalnagar, Coorg. (This one was adventurous and most pleasurable journey so far). Hit a coffee estate, walk through the coffee plants, and hope you get an opportunity to sip a fresh cup of coffee which doesn’t have sugar, honey or milk. Aroma is priceless.

- Drive towards western ghat. Pick a hill like Devagiri (Near Ujire) to climb. You know you may face few forest elephants while climbing. But, you want to reach the top of the hill despite being shit scared of every small sound coming from forest. It was funny, exciting and an awesome feeling when you really make it to the top.

- Alone at home? Don’t worry! Pick your favorite recipe from cook book and start preparing it. Invite few friends/or if no one is available, just play your favorite movie and enjoy the food.

- An evening walk towards river side with your loved one.

- Reading your favorite author's book in a really quiet place and finishing it in one bite.

- When electric power goes off in your apartment and everything is calm, playing LR, Hamilton, Bob Marley or any of those amazing soul singers out there is equivalent to meditating.

- Bring smile on someone's face.

- Present a gift to your closed one/friends and give a pleasant surprise. Expression on their face is priceless. Trust me!

- Trying to play a piece of music on your guitar for yourself.

- A phone call to friend whom you never met since you left school. Going back to school is always fun.

- Taking a picture from your camera which fascinates you more than anybody else.

- Most importantly, never forget your good old childhood days. Remembering every one of those pranks, tears, crushes and love will surely bring smile on your face.

My quite contented career, office strategies, agonized plans were not aware about all these things which I did so far. And I’m sure these guys won’t be informed in future either. Its always just those moments which we looked in a different way makes life beautiful.Nothing else.

Be good..So long...


Anonymous said...

That explains the smile!! :)

Anonymous said...

way to go....... ;)

suksy said...

some priceless pleasures for sure.. and you would only realize them after you come back to the daily grind!!

Norma said...

Awesome... again the above rights (according to me that is freedom and it is everyone's right) can not be practiced by all, hope u guessed who?

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