A Smile Away..

Monday, October 12, 2009 | |

I never wanted to post this particular poem on blog. But again, that was 7 months back. Most of the time, we all live in the virtual life of ours. Talking to new people, finding new way of conversations, impressing few and blocking few more. One evening I found someone in my life too. She was awfully charming! *grin*

Disguised as dreams, gleaming pair of eyes
You sink for a smile as it soaks into sorcery
Should I say it mesmerizes or shall live with it?

Darken eyelids, dancing curls
Magic look, mystery book
Should I say it mesmerizes or shall live with it?

When million words are said
Wake less vocals are heard
When life awaited for her
Picture was never been blur

Have seen lustrous light, but
not in the night
Have seen hoi polloi, but
not as special as her
Should I say she mesmerizes or shall I live...?

I myself don't know what made me to write these few lines about her. May be her pretty face inspired me to write. As I said, then I never thought of posting it but, today I liked it more. Reason? Looking for reasons is injurious to health...

Thanks for that smile which took away few of my heart beats…



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