Tuesday, August 21, 2007 | |


"She"...This happened when I was with her. Being in love is something which everyone should experience atleast once in lifetime. I too played part in this love story as a strangled soul. Today, when i read this, I would like to cherish those moments rather hating the reality which always strikes later when you are in sweet dream and turns it to a bitter truth for your life...

When you were around me
I felt the dazzle around me
We were strangers for the day
Now walking around the bay

I know..I deserve you
I promise...I care for you
Do you know something??
You are my everything

I Love your lidded eyes
That just skips my steps
I Love your sweet voice
That just pull me to raise

Today, I want to say
Which i ever want to say
Sweetheart...I LOVE YOU
I mean, what i said to you


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