Indian Cinema and We

Sunday, November 25, 2007 | |

"Bollywood" is one of those sarcastic words which is coined by westerns to anticipate Indian Cinema. But Bollywood is not a complete Indian Cinema and We hardly agree. Bollywood is one media which sells dreams in India. Bollywood is colorful, exciting and it fascinates!!

Indian Cinema which includes all the regional Languages has stopped making movies for Indian Audience. Especially, the Hindi Movie Industry. They shoot in abroad, they have World Premiere for the release in London and finally they make movies for foreign audience. You gotta actors in Bollywood they make any shit look good!! Kudos as they live with it. I agree, Bollywood is one of those major industries in India which pays huge amount of taxes towards the government which finally hogged by our own 'babus'. But how this is helping us?? Any idea??

Indian media seems to be more obsessive towards film personalities. Paparazzi mania is all the way to India??? Now every news channel has its dedicated hours for all these Entertainment news and We really cant complaint about it. More than 40 news channels and tough competition on board and we can understand.

Crores on Filmfare functions, Brutal bidding by channels and at the end of the day, Thanks to Directors,Producers,people sitting inside air conditioned auditorium and Family!! What about 'Vada Pav' gaadiwaala who chip in his half day income for success of this movie which is far far away from the term 'Logic'???.Obviously!! you will ask, if its illogical, then why did he watch the movie??..and I think you are right hmm.. that’s how we are!.Fools??Nah!!!pretty lamentable word..he he

Media Deliberately breaking India into two parts and we are just not bothered about it. Because we dont think so. We have North Indian News, News from South, Hindi Movies and South India Masala!!!. It got all the advertisement columns for Hindi movies in national news channels. But, why not for other movies??.Its just money matters!! For masala movie, producers may line up and at the same time a talented director will beg for his Art movie to come up, which talks about reality!!.

I agree, we are growing, One gigantic spider spreading its web all over the world. Hope we don’t kill ourselves in our own web. Just like a spider !!!

"We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world -Buddha"


Keep Smiling!! :)


equilibrium said...

Social responsibility? ;)

Good one!

manojvasanth said...


Naaah!! fuming frustration...he he

Thanks!! Keep smiling :)

d SINNER!!! said...

frustrations????what????u n frustrations??????


ok...well, good points highlighted bt i think that has become "the way of the WORLD"....

manojvasanth said...


he he.. No Comments!!. Hmm...World?? I think its because of us. What do you say? :)

Divya said...

Nice post! So let me not catch you in PVR again :p

manojvasanth said...


Thanks!! :) . Yeah, netx time..Let me be more careful ;)

Brandie said...

You write very well.

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