Seven Shadows

Wednesday, November 28, 2007 | |

Hmm...Interesting...Very Interesting... I have been 'tagged' by a lady who calls herself Sinner!! . Thanks Neha!!

Its really hard to pick seven random things about me!!! Because I possess many things and obviously I Just love to talk about myself as I love listening to others.

Anyway… Here is a try to know about myself which you may find little boring and extremely lengthy..

- 3 years back I shakeoffed by mah college with a Degree stick to me. Since then most of the time I will be gazing at monitor as it gives me my daily bread.Yeah.. I'm an IT Professional (hmm...Serious Job..But 'm not boring!!!!)

- Born Librian...I hardly control my emotions. Always its heart which won the race and If something is not right, egg is on your face. If its mah problem, let me take the shit.

- I Love music, write poetry and article. Love to read Management skills, Novels which really asks you to think beyond your imagination. Romance, Candle Light Dinner, Seashore under moonlight fascinates me. Guitar is mah Best Pal. I stay alone as I'm more obsessed with the cleanliness.

- I Believe in 'Live to inspire' rather than 'Live to impress'. All mah life I failed impress people but, they inspired me to live and I strongly agree that any inspiration is imputrescible.

- Really don’t care to name any relationships as I have least trust on it. Its only the feel is immortal in any relationship and not the name. So, I have thousands of solace souls all over the world with whom I love to share and get ingested sometime :)

- My Society inspired me in many ways and a try for conveying it on mah own way is what I love to do. A social responsibility is not only on paper but work to put it on hard rock is going on and I'm pretty happy about it.

- Finally, My Life is very beautiful. I'm not handsome but, charming. I Love you, and you can try hating me. he eh ..Bet you can’t!! ;)

Honestly, Dont know how to complete this post!!Hmmm..As this 'curiosity' worm has already born inside me, Lemme tag Bunny!! (Guess she gotaa life without google reader!!!:P...Dont Kill me...he he ).

Keep Smiling!!! :)



d SINNER!!! said...


Whatta style...Hats off to u!!!now, ill be taggin u again n again...!!!

manojvasanth said...


lol...:) ha ha...Whatta style???*Big grin*

hehe..I will be waiting!!

curryegg said...

IT Professional?
Really? You're? COol!

"I Believe in 'Live to inspire' rather than 'Live to impress'."
That's true! We should have that belief in ourself....!!!

I love this tag.
And the background music too.. It's so nice.. ;)

equilibrium said...

"...I'm more obsessed with the cleanliness."


Nice one!

ManojVasanth said...


Yeah...I'm..Unfortunately...he he

Thanks a lot!

Keep Smiling :)

ManojVasanth said...


Yeah,,Its strange..But I'm..he he

Thanks..Keep Smiling ;)

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