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Wednesday, November 14, 2007 | |

“Laughter is the best medicine”. Yeah, true and it’s a line belongs to papers. Today we have high tech medicines and so don’t worry!. Question yourself..When did I laugh last time which pained my jaws???.I think its late night Comedy Show in TV. One thing which always bothered me about Globalization is the way it changed lifestyle of people. Internet made world smaller along with people. We are so independent and isolated now. Happy staying alone, keeping our smiles smudges and sorrows for own."Every time you Smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing". Are we doing it?

Everyday I see hundreds of people around me. May be at traffic, office or coffee bars; everybody is there on their own world. Frowning faces!!. A man driving his luxurious car but he is not happy and his face may spoil your day you know. Auto guys??!! don’t ask about them. They are born to rebuke. Especially in Bangalore, they think people can not survive here without them. Have you traveled in BMTC bus?? All physics theorem on 'tension' fails here. Maximum tension in this world exists in side BMTC bus. Each one enters here with all the worries of the world on there face.

Cafe Coffee Day is the one place where a lot can happen over a cup of coffee, as its tag says!!.You can see both smiling and Frowning faces. Both Kinds of faces opts corner seats. Grinning of those lovely pairs who just fell in… so called 'Love'. Louring lone soul in the corner who just fell from… so called 'Love'. When cafe closes for the day, they go out with what they had when they entered and nothing has changed. A face with no wrinkle of smile.

Today life is like a super fast Train. You can’t expect it to slip out of its track. Everything is so machinery. It is Understandable but, one of the important human emotions is missing in human’s life. Once best face exercise is neatly replaced by sugar free chewing gum I guess :). People who forgot to smile..."You haven't lost your smile at all, its right under your nose. You just forgot it was there”. People who are single and worried, “Don’t cry for a man/woman who's left you, the next one may fall for your smile".

Keep Smiling!!!!



d SINNER!!! said...

hmmm...seems the smilin part is a pun on

nyways got that one gud message,,,,

keep scribblin!!!!


manojvasanth said...

@ d s...

Pefect!!!.You need some smile pills:P he he

Thanks n Keep Smiling

curryegg said...

"Every time you Smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing". Are we doing it?

I am answering you that.... YES.. I do. Lol...
Can you see my big SMILE over you???

Hehe... I believe smile is a good weapon to attract new friends too!

Happy to know you...

manojvasanth said...


he he ..Very True..

Thank you and Keep Smiling :)

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