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Sunday, March 16, 2008 | |

Tagging is Neha's one of the patrimonies :D.Yet again, I respect it and here goes the 7 more(This one is already done) random thnigs About Me.
Thanks Neha

# Even today, I don't miss Tom and Jerry and WWE shows in TV. :D

# All my schooldays and till my 10th standard, I studied in Regional Language and for me, English was the hardest piece of the universe. In my 11th and 12th I had literally taken the bull by the horns. Physics is my favorite subject. I still remember writing definition of ‘Centrifugal Force' for 25 times as I failed to answer in the class :(. Next I answered correctly but I understood the answer only when I was studying for my final exam :D

# Full moon, sea shore, old music player and an awesome sleep in Fishermen's Boat is the best outdoor experience I have ever had. It was in the month of August 2005 in Udupi, with my cousins.

# Collection of DVD/VCDs (mah favorite movies) is one of my hobbies

# Couple of days back, I bought new chocolate color Bean Bag and I just love sitting on it and watching TV :D

# I'm very much straightforward and hate people who screw up the direct communication. So, before I left my old employer, I gifted Ram Charan's book ' KNOW HOW '!! to last Manager with whom I worked.(I was happy because I said what I was suppose to say)

# I have got thousands of friends spread across the world. But, we hardly talk to each other. For me, friend is someone with whom I don’t have any expectations and that is the reason I guess, I find a friend in everyday of my life.

Statutory Warning: Tagging is Injurious to health..So No Tagging :D



d SINNER!!! said...

thnx for doin it MV

Insomniac said...

cool! good u like physics.

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


nicely done
i tired it too

me 2 love tom n jerry n wwe lollzz

but used to hate physics :)


ManojVasanth said...


Not a prob Nehaji


Yup :).


he he .. T7J always brings back my old days.Keeps u Kid at heart :)

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