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An old chunk from my own trunk!!

सब हस्ते है मेरे हालात पर
क्या तुमको भी हसी आती है?
हमें नहीं थी ख़बर इसकी मगर
अब हमको भी हसी आती है !

चले थे जिस्स दिशा में
रोशनी की कोई कमी नहीं थी !
जल गया हात मेरा छूकर जिसे
वो दिया नही मेरे आर्मानो कि चिता थी !

आज बैटे है ख़ामोश हम
रोक नहीं पा रहे है इन्न बेहते आँसू को !
कोई इस क़दर तोड़ दिया दिल को
समेट रहा हूं अभी तक बिखरे तुखड़ोंकॉ !




Keshi said...

ty for stopping by my blog :)

I dunno Hindi :( but Im sure u wrote something beautiful..


ManojVasanth said...


Thank You:)

Here is an attempt to translate it:
Everybody is laughing at me
Do you feel like laughing?
I never had imagined about this
But,Now I'm also laughing

I was walking towards it
Where no darkness and just a light
I burnt my hands when I touched it
It wasn't lime light,It was my wishes,and it was burning

Today I'm all silent..sitting here
Cant control these rolling tears
Somebody Broke my heart in such a way
Me still collecting all those pieces of my heart

Keep Smiling :)

d SINNER!!! said...

i dunno why....but i liked the english version more...

:)and the piece is rich in emotions...

equilibrium said...

Nice one!

Pallavi said...

Wow. That's a powerful image get conveys the emotions in the words. Are you a poet ?

Pallavi said...

Wow. That's a powerful image that conveys the true emotions in the words below...

Are you a poet ?

Keshi said...

WOW beautiful!!!!

and ty :)


ManojVasanth said...


Thank You ji :)


Thanks Kanhe :)


hehe.. Peshe is Software Engineer magar Tabiyat se Shayar :P

thank you :)


Thanks n Welcome :)

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