Goa,Rain and Me

Tuesday, March 25, 2008 | |

Huge Project is on Desk and I was desperate for a break.I know that this assignment is going to suck my blood for atleast six months of my future.Then it was a quick plan to Goa. Goa is one destination where I want to visit atleast once in a year. Always been fascinated by Seashore.May be because I born and brought up in coastal belt :).This time Goa trip was different experience as I met new family in Goa and an unexpected rain.

Stayed in Margao for 3 days. Drive to Panjim,Vasco was wonderful.Specially when it was raining.Visited couple of regular Beaches like Colva,Donapaula,Miramar etc, Fort aguada,Old Goa.Water sports was super fun.Happy to spend couple of days out of Banglore, looking at sky and whisk waves which was running towards me to touch.This one was special trip becuase, it took me 25 years 153 days to travel in train :D. Amzing experience. Will write about it soon. Ok..Before you close this window, have a look at pics I Clicked.Some more are here in Picasa. Thanks!!

Sayonara :)


equilibrium said...

Nice pics. Goa+rain=amazing. I'm all J!!

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

Lookz like somebody had funn :)
hope ur refreshed for the job at had


Keshi said...

I so wanna go to GOA some day!

Lovely pic there...and I love the rains. Not always, but when Im in a romantic mood :)


d SINNER!!! said...


big time J...

ManojVasanth said...


hehe...It was more romantic!!!



Thenks :D

So sorry Neha :D..agli baar saaat chalogi na??

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