Children of Shadows

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Yes.With due respect to the film named Children of Shadows, I use the same title for this post.

This is not about the hungry kids who are struggling everyday for food. This is about kids who are going nowhere as they are hungry for fame. These are the children who reminisce their childhood once they reach dusk of their life. I read in some book where a person quoted, "people who reminisce their childhood days are the one who never enjoyed their childhood".When I look at todays kids, I fear about their future.

You find these kids who are under pressure from their parents for studies.When I was a kid, I never gave a slot for my play time.But, Today they have slots to for thier freedom.

You find another set of children who are on fast track of Fame search.You can see them in reality shows of TV, through out the year in different channels.Anybody out here to think about their future?.How about kids who are completely depending on these shows but, how many years?.Life will always remain as a search for them.

We Indians are the biggest hypocrites in the world. We talk about it but we dont do it. Poeple sitting at home enjoys such programs but how many parents want to see their kids at that place once they know the real theory behind these programs.Why
dont parents think about small kids emotions and feelings instead of indulging them into something which are not required at that stage of a kids life.

J F Kennedy said once, "Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future”.Globalization has come up with an impact where everything is just an illusion.There was the time when children used look at the magic shows and love it.Today, somewhere they are trying to be part of magic and lost in the shadows of black deception.

“The things which the child loves remain in the domain of the heart until old age. The most beautiful thing in life is that our souls remaining over the places where we once enjoyed ourselves”- Kahlil Gibran

Have a life!!!Beautiful one... Arrivederci :)




equilibrium said...

Agreed. That is the age to have fun. And yeah, I have seen my own cousin being a victim. Not of these TV shows, but studies. She goes to 4 places for tuitions. And she is in the 3rd standard.

What some parents dont understand is that a child needs overall development during those growing years. They just restrict them to studying, even if the child is a prodigious keyboard player.

And about the fame part, they are just very young to handle all that.

Nicely written. I wish my aunt reads this.

d SINNER!!! said...


it comes from all spheres, schools, parents, peers, teachers...everyone, in this mad race....

well written...:)

Insomniac said...

Lucky that i wasnt a victim :)

check out the new blog da. for the college. i manage it. let me know if you like it.

ManojVasanth said...


Thanks :)




Yes.I did. Very Nice. Great start :)

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