Half a Cup of Coffee

Sunday, July 13, 2008 | |

Love at First sight? - Nah!! I don't believe in it
First Love? - Yup.
Where did you guys meet for the First time? - One of my friends Marriage
Who was the First to propose? - Hmm... Guess it's me
When you guys did went out for the First time? - Soon after we met. May be after 10 days
Who was the First to call it off? -

Everything happens for the first time except realization. It's very common when we wish for all our 'First' to stay with us till 'Last'. But, do we really consider our first as last? Not in every case I guess.

Corner seat of Barista with cup of hot coffee. Smelled good.[ I closed my eyes just to recall the day I spent in one of the coffee estates in Coorg.Early morning walk within coffee trees and a sip of 'Estate Coffee'. It's a heaven! ].Coffee was really hot, so the frequency of I sipping it was pretty less. I picked up a magazine which was just next to coffee cup and started reading it.One of those fairly written column caught my eyes. Later I wondered how a fairly written piece held me for 15 minutes. May be it had more information which I was expecting by chance!. Now I'm back to finish my remaining half a cup of coffee. Oh no!! Coffee is cold and I don't like [Its not equal to hate] cold coffee. What should I do with this coffee? I can't ask cafe people to heat it for me. Because, cold coffee and the reason behind it was my problem.Cup of coffee in one hand which I didn't like to gulp in single shot, folded magazine in another hand which is noetic. Going out of cafe for the first time without finishing my cup of coffee. When I turned back, half a cup of coffee smiled and said," Hope you come again to finish other half". I said, "I hope so"

I don't know when I will have time to go back and have a cup of coffee. But,I will make sure that despite the magazine, I will finish it. Many of us must have gone through all these first times in life. Soon they realize the value of jewel they lost sooner they grow up to find the perfect one for them. But, its always tough job to forget the 'First' one. First bicycle, First Pencil, First Competition which you won, and of course the first relationship which taught you so much in life. Consequences which was like the magazine which you were reading in cafe may appear in life yet again; It may steal the moment from you which you wouldn't have expected. Ready for the consequences but keep the Hope alive.

I Wish your half a cup of coffee will remain hot forever!. I read somewhere that Love lasts when the relationship comes first. Make sure you live last like the last drop of coffee which tastes same as the first.




equilibrium said...

I re-read it after you explained. And, the last drop of coffee/tea is sweeter than the rest.

Actually and otherwise :)

d SINNER!!! said...


Beauty and the BEast said...

my first read n your blog :)

.. and quite unforgettable too :P

ManojVasanth said...


Good :)





Anonymous said...

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