Something left unsaid...

Monday, August 11, 2008 | |

Some used it to write monthly grocery calculation. Some used it to write integration, differentiation. Some used it to write poems, love stories. Some used it to write suicide notes. Some used it for something left unsaid.

Has anybody told you that you are an open book?. They can read you easily? Hmm... Don't believe it. Open book displays only 2 pages. Only if somebody turns the pages; then they can read it completely.Right?

I still believe that, Written with 'care' message on paper is more precious than year old email in your inbox. Ink used to write those lines still brings back those moments. So here are those unsaid moments of life.

I never said how I felt when my parents compared my marks with other kids when I was just 8.I never said how much it pained when my class 9th mathematics teacher beat me for an unfinished home work. I never said how badly wanted to join guitar class when I was in my 11th. I never said how humiliating was my first day in college hostel. I never said why couldn't impress my engineer lecturers for internal marks. I never said why can't say 'No' to my friends. I never said why I skipped my dinners and hung on one rupee coin for many days. I never said how graveling it was till I got a job. I never said how beautiful it was when I felt I'm in love. I never said how shaken I was when someone left me halfway. I never said why I hurt someone when they thought it was a 'without reason'. I never told how great it was to know them all.And finally, I never said how affable I'm.

Each page has different story to tell. Just like the color of ink I used to write it. Something’s written with smile and somewhere little faded ones. Something’s with tear drop patches. Every moment was precious with no regrets. Because, at that point of time, it was necessary.

Now it’s your call to allow someone to turn your books pages and only you can choose the person. Problem is to find an amazing reader and I can understand. Hope for the best :).Till then...May the love hidden deep inside your heart find the love waiting in your dreams. May the laughter that you find in your tomorrow wipe away the pain you find in your yesterdays-Anon..



d SINNER!!! said...

beautiful da!

it is just so beautiful...and u know, most of us have those unsaid takes courage to actually speak them!

Preeti said...

"Open book displays only 2 pages. Only if somebody turns the pages; then they can read it completely..."

very profound..


MANASA said...


it's too good...:-)

ManojVasanth said...


Thanks yaar :)


Thank you :)


Thanks sis :D

manjunathsr said...

hey 20...

good stuff le..

Manojvasanth said...


Thanks :D hehe

Insomniac said...

well we all have those what if? questons na. i too believe that paper letters are worth a lot :)

Anonymous said...

if there is right person in front of dont have to say anything :)

manojvasanth said...


True :)


Right!!. Tough part is to find someone :)

dolphin said...


you've gift of writing dude, great piece. sometimes something is left unsaid and people regret for not doing it... life is such.

you've made me emotional!

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