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They call me workaholic...
How can I say it’s a replacement for drugs?
Yes..I'm addicted to it..Just to get out of something.

Everything is for something in this world
Some are tamed and some are wild
Yes..I'm addicted to it..just there...hanging.

Speed is the mode of life
Modern soaks and myths sticks
Yes..I'm addicted to it..just



equilibrium said...

Well, that is actually good. In life, not talking in aesthetic terms, I feel there should be something you live for, something to which you get addicted. It shows a purpose.

And, I'm offense. Just said whatever was going on in my head. I hope you will continue to talk.

mayz said...

but rnt addictions a reflection of d thing datz missin...a lil harmful to d existence...a lil harmful to us...

ManojVasanth said...


Thanks :)


True :)

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