Walking Through Clouds-A Travelogue

Tuesday, August 19, 2008 | |

Robert Louis Stevenson once said “I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel's sake. The great affair is to move". Very true. I would like to add some more to it. It’s not only about moving, it also meeting new souls. Experiencing the life with them and most importantly cherishing those moments rest of your life.

Much awaited my first ever experience with one of the Homestays had finally ended in Coorg. One of ‘the best' times of my life.

On 14th August, before sun could get up and rouses Bangaloreans, we left [5.30 AM] the city and drove towards Mysore. Our destination was KabbinaKadu(Virajpet) which is 245KMs from Bangalore. Three of us avoided going Mysore but, took Srirangaptna-Hunsur by-pass road. Weather was our great company through out the journey. Surprisingly rain had stopped once we started our long trip. We reached [via Malangi-Gonikoppa-Virajpet-Kadanur-Kabbinakadu] Homestay sharp at 12PM.

First day was completely dedicated for delicious Coorgi food and royal sleep. Later in the evening we were all set for campfire. Homestay was really quite as we were the only guests for next 3 days.

Next day we had plans of climbing Second highest mountain in Karnataka,Tadiandamol. We started climbing at around 9.30AM as school kids were getting ready for their school as it was Independence Day. Journey till top was literally adventures. First 2-3KMs you have road to walk as it as it takes people to couple of coffee estates. Once you are away from estates, its hard to find the path. Soon misty clouds with heavy wind made our walk more exciting. On the way met friends in the form of leeches. They had great time sucking our blood!.

We climbed 8KMs in around 2 hours. It was just amazing at top. I really felt like walking through clouds. Please have look at the video clips.It was quite tiring when we got down from 1700+ M mountain. Evening; yet again, we end up with campfire and lots of fun.

Third day was reserved for 2 near by falls. Chelavara and Chingara.Later one was private. Both were just beautiful. Video clips will explain you how worth visiting it. Later in the evening I tried shooting with air rifle :). Even if I missed a bird, I successfully targeted a electric pole!!.:D. Our daily life with host family was fantastic experience. Delicious food, hospitality and the place. I got a chance to visit 125 years old house which has around 25 rooms. It was super fun doing all these things.

We started back to bangalore on Sunday morning with loads of memorable moments.

Next one may 'Pushkar' visit on November. Till then...from travelogue.. so long... :)

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Anonymous said...

I just love the first pic the post. How did you capture it?

ManojVasanth said...


Thanks Thej.. Yeah It was around 10AM. Somewhere on the way to top of the mountain.

Just peeked into somebody coffee estate :)

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